Guys Lets Talk!! What Was The Worst Response You Got After Toasting A Lady?

Hi Guys,

Hope you all are doing good?

Toasting a girl can be as much anticipating and interesting as much as going for a job interview or Business proposal.

Reading multiple guidelines and also tutorials to help influence your toasting skill is just vanity when it comes to toasting a Nigerian Lady. They are always not as accurate as falling for what you proposed.

Girls can be extremely unpredictable sometimes. When you’re rich and you walk up to a girl you want, she might turn you down thinking you’re a ritualist, player, or think you want to buy her with material things. They are just unpredictable.

If you find a calm one, she might be crazy inside, If you find a playful one, you might think she is a flirt. If you find the one that seems to be seductive with looks, she might feel you think shes a whore.

Hence it means war. even the ones you started with being friends with ca give you the worst response ever.

So guys, let me put the question back to you 👇🏾

What Was The Worst Response You Got After Toasting A Lady?

Lets Have Your Say On This

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  1. First we are friends, so when I ask her out, she said no and that our friendship has stop BC os I ask her out Frm that day she hasn’t talked to me, she ignore me, saying it can possible

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